Impulse Dynamics Successfully Launches the Optimizer® Smart Device for Heart Failure Treatment in Europe

Optimizer® Smart 3

Impulse Dynamics has launched the next generation of its Optimizer® device, the Optimizer® Smart, in Europe after it received the CE mark. The Optimizer® Smart is a minimally invasive implantable device designed to treat chronic heart failure (CHF) in patients that are symptomatic despite appropriate medical therapy. The device is based on novel cardiac contractility modulation (CCM™) technology, delivering non-excitatory electric pulses to the heart muscle, with the potential of enhancing cardiac strength.

The Optimizer® system is currently the only device-based treatment option for approximately 70 percent of CHF patients with advanced symptoms but who have normal QRS duration, and are therefore not suitable for cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT).

The first implant of the Optimizer® Smart was performed by Dr. Markus Reinartz at the Herz-Jesu Hospital in Dernbach, Germany. The device’s new two-lead configuration enables an easier and faster implantation procedure.

“Launching the new Optimizer® Smart in Europe is a significant milestone for the company,” said Mr. Jens Kalender, Vice President of Commercial Operations at Impulse Dynamics. “We are confident that with this new device we will be able to treat more patients suffering from heart failure.”

About the Optimizer® and CCM™ Therapy

The Optimizer® Smart device, which delivers CCM™ therapy, has been successfully launched in Europe and is available in a growing number of cardiology centers. Over 3,000 patients worldwide have already received CCM™ through the Optimizer® III or IVs device, the only device therapy available for patients with a narrow QRS complex. Impulse Dynamics has completed extensive clinical studies, including several randomized controlled trials, published in articles in over 60 leading medical journals. The Optimizer® Smart is not currently approved for use in the United States; the Optimizer® IVs, an earlier version of the device, is approved in the United States for investigational use only.

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