The Russian Ministry of Public Health approved the Optimizer IVs for clinical application.

Stuttgart, 26.01.2016 – Cardiomedics (Impulse Dynamics authorized distributor in the Russian Federation) announced that the Optimizer IVs has been approved for clinical application by the Ministry of Public Health. Cardiac Contractility Modulation (CCM) is a unique and innovative therapy concept for the treatment of moderate to severe Chronic Heart Failure (CHF). The Optimizer IVs is an implantable device that delivers CCM therapy and is designed to treat patients that are symptomatic despite appropriate medical treatment. CCM therapy is most suitable for patients with EF>20% and normal QRS duration that cannot benefit from other device-based treatments such as CRT with pacemaker functionality. Cardiac Contractility Modulation can significantly improve exercise tolerance and quality of life.

The Optimizer IVs system comprises the following components:

  • Implantable CCM delivery device (Optimizer IVs)
  • Charging unit (Mini Charger™)
  • OMNI™II programmer
  • Portable Bluetooth printer

About the Optimizer and CCM Therapy

The Optimizer IVs device delivers the CCM therapy. It has been successfully launched in Europe and is available in cardiology centers in various countries. The CCM therapy has been implanted in over 2500 patients to date and is the only device therapy available for patients with narrow QRS complex.  Impulse Dynamics has completed a vast number of clinical studies, including several randomized controlled trials. The results have been published in over 60 publications in leading medical journals. The Optimizer system is limited to Investigational use only in the United States.

About Impulse Dynamics

Impulse Dynamics N.V. is focused on the development of electrical therapies for the treatment of chronic heart failure.  As a global leader in cardiac medical innovation, Impulse Dynamics has operations in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.  For more information please visit

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